WW archive > Issue 278 - 04 March 1999

ILN-SWP try to oust CPGB


On the sharp end; Inadequate old slogans; Intimidation; Only for the historians?

Brittle Bolsheviks

Party notes

Uncomfortable unanimity

Tom Delargy of the Scottish Socialist Party reflects on its founding conference

Unprincipled manoeuvres

Left unity

Call for SLP compromise

In a last desperate move as party members, officers of West Ham, Lewisham East and Deptford CSLPs break Scargill’s ban on the circulation of documents

Still loyal to Arthur

Royston Bull, editor of the Economic and Philosophic Science Review and vice-president of the SLP, was expelled last month (see p8). We reproduce the main text his January letter sent to Scargill just before he was hauled before the notorious complaints committee

Tailing Macpherson

Around the left

Scottish national socialism and its red prince - part 1

Jack Conrad replies to Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party

Bull expelled

With the vice-president gone and his EPSR in the dog house, the Appeal faction makes a final bid for Scargill’s favours

Makes sense

Robert Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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