WW archive > Issue 273 - 28 January 1999

Independence for Kosova

For the KLA - against the Serbian army


Open debate

Exquisite irony

Party notes

Blair runs aground

CPGB agrees perspectives

Harpal Brar, Stalinism and the SLP: The gravedigger’s apprentice

‘Delphi’, a prominent member of the SLP, writes for the Weekly Worker

Raging Bull

The SLP vice-president replies to Jack Conrad

Disarray as Bull ‘resigns’

Simon Harvey of the SLP

New vision

Left organisations in Hackney came together under the banner of Socialist Unity to fight a by-election in Hackney’s North Defoe on January 21. The candidate, Anne Murphy of the Communist Party, gives us her thoughts on the campaign


Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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