WW archive > Issue 264 - 12 November 1998

Socialist Party in England and Wales: Extinction looms


Ban CPGB; No agreement; Pinochet demo; Basic point; Free Zoora Shah

Destroying themselves

Statement by expelled Merseyside Socialist Party comrades, October 1998

Left in crisis

Party notes

One step forward

Welsh Socialist Alliances

In praise of Stalin

Harpal Brar, member of the national executive of the Socialist Labour Party, spoke at the CPGB’s Communist University, on Sunday August 2 1998

Bridging the divide

Danny Hammill reports on the CPGB’s weekend school ‘Against economism’

Discontent and despair

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Fisc out to clip Arthur’s wings

Secret letter written by Socialist Labour Party vice-president Pat Sikorski


Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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