WW archive > Issue 262 - 29 October 1998

Israel-Palestine peace accord: Imperialism calls the tune

As Arafat is forced to step up repression, there are signs of a split in Fatah


Age of innocence?; Dover, Alabama; Demand justice

Fighting isolation

Party notes

Good enough for us

Le Pen and censorship

Trotskyist critique

Edited version of the analysis by Ian Donovan of the Draft Programme of the CPGB

Social democratic platitudes

A common perspective

In reply to Dave Craig, the CPGB’s Jack Conrad reasserts the need for opposition to the Scottish Socialist Party and the correctness of pursuing communist rapprochement

Divisions at the top

Simon Harvey of the SLP

Report on meeting with Scottish Socialist Alliance/Scottish Socialist Party

SWP pre-conference discussion


Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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