WW archive > Issue 260 - 15 October 1998

Tory English nationalism

Out of touch with big capital, the Tories are seeking support through redefining British chauvinism, adding an extra reactionary twist


To do what?; Pig in a poke; IRSP Five; New attack

Taaffe’s debacle

Party notes

Lords a-leaping

Apologetics behind fog of philosophy

Jack Conrad replies to Phil Watson

End of triumphalism

Despite the global financial crisis, capitalism will not collapse of its own accord, argues Michael Malkin

Demonstration shows the way

José Villa of Poder Obrero (Peru) and the Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist International describes the situation in Peru after last month’s occupation of the presidential palace

Kosova stitch-up

Imperialist ‘peace’ overrides national rights

Communist bond

Ian Farrell reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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