WW archive > Issue 248 - 09 July 1998

Plotters exposed

For inclusive democracy in Socialist Alliances


Inaccurate; Not even-handed; The life of John; What did I say?

Socialist Hypocrisy Group

Party notes

Hands off Russia!

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, July 11 1918

Campaign struggles for momentum

Simon Harvey of the SLP

For or against inclusive democracy

Danny Hammill reports on the July 5 London Socialist Alliance general meeting

Alliances enter new phase

No shibboleths

Hypocrisy - the proof

London Socialist Alliance

Localist dead end

Tyranny of the clock

London Socialist Alliance

Dogmatic SWP abstractions

Around the left

Loyalists rebel

As Orangemen continue to camp out at Drumcree, insisting they will stay “as long as it takes”, their loyalist supporters have attempted to launch a rebellion against the Good Friday deal

Fast finish

Summer Offensive ’98

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