WW archive > Issue 195 - 12 June 1997

Fight for a workers’ Europe

As militant workers and trade unionists converge on Amsterdam this Saturday, the bosses’ plans for monetary union are coming unstuck. But if we let them, they will resolve their problems at our expense


IWCA patronises; Veiled attacks

Campaigning against unity

Party notes

Left moves forward in Irish election

Honouring James Connolly

A socialist government in Russia

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, June 7 1917

Openness against the witch hunt

Simon Harvey looks forward to the Campaign for a Democratic SLP’s conference and calls for unity

Crisis of expectations

Has a ‘crisis of expectations’ been created by Blair’s landslide majority? Dave Osler of the Socialist Labour Party presents his case

Where now for the left?

Labour’s victory certainly changes the political outlook of revolutionaries, but is there a crisis of expectations?

Truth and invention

Blair’s government has created a crisis of invention on the left but not a crisis of expectations amongst the masses, argues Jack Conrad

Sectarian project

Around the left

For an active boycott! For genuine self-determination!

Scottish Socialist Alliance faces key test – for self-determination or Blair’s sop referendum?

PCC statement

In response to requests from critics of our stance on the demand for a sovereign Scottish parliament, our Party leadership underlines its position on self-determination in this statement

National question - a key debate

Edinburgh Scottish Socialist Alliance and Red magazine organised a successful day school on Sunday June 1 on the national question in Scotland and Ireland

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