WW archive > Issue 177 - 06 February 1997

Left must enter pre-election fray

Europe is becoming the issue, but is there an alternative to Labour-Tory austerity promises?


Sweeping statements; Correct strategy; Wrong conclusions; National question ignored

The Communist

Party Notes

Morris backs dockers’ co-op

Trades unions under siege

Labour prepares for government

Union bureaucrats attacked

What to do about democracy

Around the left

Immigration controls criminalise workers

In Russia

From The Call, paper of the British Socialist Party, February 1 1917

Massacre in Bolivia

Summary of a report from Poder Obrero Bolivia

Oil workers set for confrontation

The Worker-Communist Party of Iran discusses the development and significance of oil strikes in Iran

Sterile sectarianism

Feminists versus class fighters

Michael Collins in context

Election cash

SLP: news and comment

Struggle for democracy takes centre stage

Brent Socialist Labour Party has sent out this press release in response to articles in the Morning Star. It is calling on the support of other branches for their right to select their own candidate for the election and against the witch hunt

SLP branch reports

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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