WW archive > Issue 172 - 19 December 1996

No turning back


Rescue operation needed; Revolutionary regroupment; Simplistic; Interested; Point scoring; Great blunder

Continuity and discipline

Party notes

Spring bulbs planted

Ken Capstick, the Socialist Labour Party’s candidate in last week’s Barnsley East by-election, reflects on the result and on the SLP’s prospects

Class alliances in Scotland

SLP branch reports


Around the left

Assessing Barnsley East

SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

Web of propaganda

Minimum, Transitional and Maximum: The revolutionary programme for today

Dave Craig of the RDG opened a CPGB ‘Programme’ seminar arguing for a new transitional politics

Control of our own life processes

Here we publish the speech by István Mészáros opening a discussion on his recently published book, Beyond Capital, at Communist University ’96

Occupation meets lockout threat

Joe Gibb has worked at Glacier Metals’ Glasgow plant at Polmadie for 21 years. He is a member of the Amalgamated Electrical and Engineering Union and, along with 103 other workers, was sacked at the beginning of November. Nick Clarke spoke to him

Solidarity is the key

Glacier workers are determined to continue their sit-in for as long as it takes

Dockers show potential for all

SUPPLEMENT: Genesis of bureaucratic socialism

Part I

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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