WW archive > Issue 166 - 07 November 1996

Blair’s hollow Mandate

Below the surface of enthusiasm for a Labour victory, discontent bubbles


Carry on campaigning; Sorry sorts; Critical support; Liquidationist retreat; Correction

The sword

Party notes

Fiddling the health books

Lang turns the screw on postalworkers

Schools crisis blamed on kids

Going to the dogs

Around the left

SLP branch reports

Tony Goss and Fisc

SL Kenning looks at latest developments in the Socialist Labour Party

In the wilderness

The Russian discussion

From the Workers’ Weekly, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, October 29 1926

Practice through theory

Phil Sharpe of the Trotskyist Unity Group opened a discussion on communist unity at the Communist University ’96 with this contribution

Properly utopian

Kevin Watts reviews Breaking the waves, co-written and directed by Lars von Trier

David who?

Eddie Ford reviews Seventeen years of obscurity: memoirs from the back benches by David Watkins (The Book Guild Ltd 1996, pp235)

‘We have not gone away’

A Marxist revolutionary party needed in Ireland

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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