WW archive > Issue 1496 - 20 June 2024

New old popular frontism

Marine Le Pen’s RN is predicted to make big gains, the centre is not holding and what passes for the left has cobbled together an electoral front. Bariş Graham looks at the possibilities of a cohabitation regime


Minimum muddle; Maximum muddle; Labour muddle; Con-Reform; Different picture; Profound Gerry; Dave Spart; Bad influence

From abyss to reform

Barring some freak accident, Labour is on course for a landslide. But what happens after that on the right? Eddie Ford discounts extinction, but not a merger and the formation of the Conservative and Reform Party

Where it don’t shine … yet

Murdoch’s papers have yet to endorse Sir Keir - Paul Demarty wonders how long they can hold out from backing a winner. Meanwhile Rupert is on honeymoon and indecision rules

Another Israel is possible

What kind of solution is workable, is acceptable? Steve Freeman refuses to discount Hebrew workers as an agency for change. They can be won, he argues, to give up their national privileges in return for legal equality in a democratic, federal Israel-Palestine

No time to waste

How to react to the upcoming election of the most rightwing Labour government ever? Recreating Corbynism is no solution, argues Max Shanly. We need something more

Neither money nor personality

Carla Roberts reviews Alexei Sayle (narrator), Chris Reeves (director), Norman Thomas (writer) The big lie II - Starmer and the genocide Platform Films, 2024

Losing battle of ideas

Online Communist Forum, Sunday June 23 5pm

Let’s make sure

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