WW archive > Issue 1470 - 07 December 2023

ABCs of Muslim Brothers

Jack Conrad looks at MAB, its internal power struggles, its relationship to the British state and its encounters with the popular-frontist left. Last of three articles


Twin trick unity; Civility, please; Ceasefire; Marginal theory; Support DPRK!; Veganuary

Blowtorching the planet

Despite carbon emissions hitting record highs, Cop28 has been yet another talking shop, writes Eddie Ford

Zionist drives and divisions

Eradicating Hamas provides a useful cover, but everything points to ethnic cleansing, says Moshé Machover

Far from pacified

There can be no possibility of a military solution in Gaza. October 7 was a death trip, argues Daniel Lazare

Whitewashing Marine Le Pen

Italy and Giorgia Meloni provide the model. David Broder asks what lies behind the ‘mainstreaming’ of the far right

A Marxist seeker

From Maoism to the Sparts and beyond their sordid detritus. Alex Steiner remembers his friend and comrade Jim Creegan

Monarchy and mystery

Omid Scobie’s book suggests that the king may be a racist. Why wouldn’t he be? asks Paul Demarty

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