WW archive > Issue 1438 - 13 April 2023

Dragged over the coals

Why on earth is the right going nuts over drag queens? Paul Demarty investigates the latest moral panic


Persistent denial; Zionist workers; Post-feminist?; Slurs; ‘Official’ tradition; Enjoy the change; Rehabilitation; Elect Assange

Joe’s stopover visit

Kevin Bean looks behind the hoo-ha of the 25th anniversary celebrations marking the signing of the Good Friday agreement

Yet more lies

The Tories are way behind in opinion polls and have therefore turned to culture war issues such as trans people and further curbing free speech. Mike Macnair eviscerates what passes for their arguments

End right to bear arms

Spurred on by a whole series of mass killings and a fascist militia movement, Daniel Lazare calls for the repeal of the second amendment

After the 49.3 nuclear option

Increasing the retirement age to 64 has triggered huge protests. But, asks Paul Russell, with Macron in his final term, with cracks opening up in his party and with no natural successor, could Marine Le Pen finally make it into the Élysée?

Still far from human

The widespread introduction of AI is unlikely to boost profit rates and rescue capitalism from its long depression. Michael Roberts explains

Hijab defiance continues

Yassamine Mather reports on the regime’s attempt to regain its authority and the splits and divisions in the royalist camp

Online Communist Forum with Mike Taber

Sunday April 16 5pm

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