WW archive > Issue 1437 - 06 April 2023

Driving a dead man out

Kevin Bean asks what lies behind Sir Keir and the NEC barring Jeremy Corbyn from standing as an official Labour candidate in Islington North


Blocking the way; Anti-Trotskyism; Macho-sexist; Lister Sister; Tooth and nail; Latest home; Mostly minor

Drugs war idiocy

Government policy and science part company yet again, writes Eddie Ford. Banning laughing gas for recreational purposes is, when it comes to health, sheer irrationality

Diabolus ex machina

With Elon Musk leading the way in expressing worries about AI, Paul Demarty explains what is really going on

Government by swarm

The former president faces 34 criminal charges. But Trumpism will grow stronger, whatever happens at his trial, argues Daniel Lazare. He is already clear favourite to run in the 2024 election

Mixing left and right

Pollsters suggest that a new party set up by Sahra Wagenknecht would gain considerable support. But, asks Carla Roberts, where are the principled politics that are so desperately needed?

Partisan of reaction

ML Miller reviews Ben Lewis, Oswald Spengler and the politics of decline Bergharn Books, 2022, pp238, £99

Erdoğan’s power play

Esen Uslu investigates the vote for Finland’s membership and then stonewalling over Sweden’s

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