WW archive > Issue 1432 - 02 March 2023

Sunak’s Brexit deal

English sausages and Stilton cheese have little to do with the Windsor Framework. Kevin Bean looks at the wider strategic context


Symmetrical; Unconditional; Women’s role; Core party?; Russia’s won

Sturgeon’s final straw

Have we reached ‘peak SNP’? Is the dream of Scottish independence now fading? Eddie Ford reports on the leadership battle and continuing culture wars

Effective collectivity is key

Mike Macnair argues that we all - not least trans people - need democratic decision-making to ensure common actions and common goals

Faults and mirrors

The huge loss of life seen in the Turkey-Syria earthquakes can be directly traced back to the state’s bungled response, endemic corruption and clampdowns on the self-activity of progressive youth, writes Esen Uslu

Ohio’s perfect storm

Daniel Lazare warns that, with Trump skilfully championing poor whites, with weak trade unions and a ‘left’ intent on tailing Biden, the danger of a rightwing dictatorship grows

Not a minor issue

Marching with Zionists, excusing Zionism and standing in solidarity with Palestine. Tony Greenstein investigates the contradictions generated by crass opportunism

Xi and John and Yoko

China’s 12-point plan has not been welcomed in Washington, Brussels or Moscow. But, asks Paul Demarty, should communists join the pacifist camp?

Short of target

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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