WW archive > Issue 1424 - 05 January 2023

The sins of the father

He presided over the destruction of liberation theology, backed the US rollback of communism and provided ideological cover for contra death squads. Paul Demarty examines the legacy of Benedict XVI


Hypocrites; Only workers; Horror show; One-state

Abolition versus reform

Brown’s proposals amount to mere tinkering and the left’s response is woefully inadequate. Kevin Bean calls for a single-chamber parliament, a federal republic and national self-determination

Turning in a blind panic

Beijing was forced to abandon its draconian zero-covid policy by mass protests, writes Eddie Ford. But now the pandemic is raging through the country due to an inadequate vaccination programme and an overwhelmed health service

Mongols versus Vikings

Daniel Lazare examines the dangerous stew of ethno-nationalisms that emerged following the collapse of the Soviet Union

Unconscious cancel culture

Robust debate is vital. Tina Werkmann explains her departure from the Labour Representation Committee and Red Line TV

The struggle continues

Executions and long prison sentences have failed to intimidate the spontaneous protest movement. But conscious leadership by a revolutionary party is indispensable, argues Yassamine Mather

NHS in meltdown

The Tories have a barely hidden agenda to wreck the post-1945 health service. But James Linney warns against trusting Sir Keir’s alternative government

2022 deficit

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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