WW archive > Issue 1412 - 29 September 2022

Political wing of capitalist class

While the right is relishing the prospect of government, the left is marginalised and thoroughly demoralised. Kevin Bean, expelled secretary of Wavertree CLP, reports on the Liverpool conference


US hegemony; Less optimistic; Vermin; Useful idiot?; Get stuffed; Which ‘expert’?

Desperate throw of the dice

With the pound falling and yields on government gilts rising, markets are delivering their verdict on Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘growth plan’, writes Eddie Ford

Confusion reigns on the left

Gaby Rubin reports the highs and lows of those who placed themselves within the fringe in Liverpool

The Blob closes in

Trump is a con artist with a transactional approach to the law. However, argues Daniel Lazare, Democrat attempts to prosecute him are political warfare by other means

Not one man! Not one penny!

Demands for peace must be linked to the abolition of standing armies, a popular militia and the aim of ending capitalism. Mario Kessler celebrates the anti-militarism of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg

Original takester

It has been a strange journey from the Revolutionary Opposition to defence of the nation state and traditional values. Paul Demarty delves into Frank Furedi’s cheery new Substack

Protests challenge the regime

Across the whole country, in every city, in every town, there is revolt. But does ‘post-nationalism’, rather than class politics, provide the solution? Yassamine Mather investigates

Two days to go

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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