WW archive > Issue 1362 - 09 September 2021

9/11 twenty years on

The full facts about Saudi complicity are still unknown. But we do know that the ‘war on terrorism’ had nothing to do with fighting terrorism, only spreading US terrorism. Yassamine Mather looks at the aftermath of September 11 2001


Separate garrets; Going North; Gender nonsense; Theological; Continued war?

weapon forged in lies

Derek James calls upon the left to show courage and refute every false accusation with the truth

A wounded giant retreats

America spent, bribed, killed and bungled on a massive scale. Daniel Lazare assesses the consequences

Reruns and failures

Eddie Ford is unsurprised by America’s failure to get a smooth, South Africa-type transition of power

The great game and geopolitics

For all Xi’s rhetoric, the power struggle between the Communist Party of China and the country’s billionaires is far from decided, writes Paul Demarty

Artificial antiquity

The creation of a new constitution is not only relevant to social transition. It is fundamental, argues Mike Macnair

Facing terminal defeat

Yes, we must continue to fight in the Labour Party, writes Tony Greenstein, but what about those who have left or been expelled?

Exciting, historical, tearful

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Summer of soul (or When the revolution could not be televised)', Ahmir Thompson (director) general release

Accused of corruption

It is bad enough that a ‘communist’ is a senior minister in a capitalist government, writes Peter Manson. But now things are even worse

We’ll take it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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