WW archive > Issue 1326 - 03 December 2020


EHRC racism; Corbyn finished; No party; Scotland; Expect the usual

Trump’s big win

Joe Biden himself was a target when it came to the decision to kill Iran’s top nuclear scientist, writes Daniel Lazare

Assassinations should be condemned

Statement from Hands Off the People of Iran

Understanding lockdown resistance

As Boris Johnson licks his wounds, Paul Demarty examines the mounting discontent with the handling of the pandemic

Calling the shots

How was Covid-19 vaccine developed with such tremendous speed? Michael Roberts looks at the key role of the state

See you in court?

Political, not legal, action is the way forward, argues James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists

Dull echo chamber

Genuine debate is something the central committee has long tried to avoid. The end result is a comatosed membership. Peter Manson reviews the second pre-conference bulletin

An establishment bigot

Tony Greenstein does not mourn the death of rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks (March 8 1948 - November 7 2020)

Dreams and cold realities

With time fast running out, will it be a deal or no deal? Eddie Ford says both sides are nervous

SCOTLAND SUPPLEMENT I - Mythical, feudal, combined

Jack Conrad questions left-nationalist assumptions that Scotland is an ancient nation, which was reduced to the status of a mere English colony by the 1707 Act of Union

Mature tone

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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