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Abysmal record; Too high a price; Bureaucracy; Federal republic; Join the fight

Cutting through the cant

Because there is so much confusion, because there are so many futile attempts to conciliate, it is all the more necessary to take a principled stand. Bob Davies reports on the motions, debates and decisions

Quinlan or Vargas?

As a judicial inquiry commences into the surveillance of activist groups, Paul Demarty explains why the workers’ movement must fight to replace the police with a popular militia

An arm of the state

David Goodhart’s appointment to the EHRC reveals the truth about the quango and its wretched report into ‘Labour anti-Semitism’, says Eddie Ford

Our strategic orientation

Peter Manson reports on the joint meeting of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists members

American crisis mounts

The current fraught situation highlights the huge breakdown that is in the offing, argues Daniel Lazare

High drama at No10

The departure of Cummings and Cain was about far more than personalities, says James Harvey


Jonah Martell sets out twelve proposals to transform the Democratic Socialists of America

Winter Communist University

Friday January 8 - Sunday January 10 2021 After the US presidential election Consequences and considerations

Online Communist Forum

Sunday November 22 'The mental world of the pre-1914 SPD'

I wish

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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