WW archive > Issue 1323 - 12 November 2020


Correct tactics; Blame NHS too; Terror attacks; Objectivist?; Six Counties; Ickeism; Pointless

What Keir created, Keir can destroy

With the official left suffering from Stockholm syndrome, Jack Conrad argues that, while the struggle in the Labour Party is important, it is far from central. This is an edited version of an opening given to the November 8 Online Communist Forum

Pyrrhic victory over populism

However clownish Donald Trump is in defeat, a far-right resurgence is on the cards, reckons Paul Demarty

Washington wars intensify

Will Trump be able to overrule ‘democracy’? It is far from impossible, writes Daniel Lazare

Pivot back to Europe

James Harvey asks what a Biden presidency might mean for relations with Boris Johnson’s Britain

New returns to a failed old

Yassamine Mather assesses the likely effects of a Biden presidency on a region that has suffered from repeated US acts of subversion and aggression

Bureaucratic control-freakery

The leadership of the Socialist Party is determined to enter a coalition with bourgeois parties and gain well rewarded ministerial portfolios for a few tops. Those who oppose this disastrous line are being expelled, but not silenced. Emil Jacobs reports

Stonewalling unionism hankers after direct rule

There needs to be a democratic and internationalist answer to the ever-growing demand for independence, says Eddie Ford

Keep it flowing

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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