WW archive > Issue 1322 - 05 November 2020


Bolshevik errors; STV opportunity; Whose fault?; Cause of disease; Follow Orbán; One candidate; And another

At breaking point

With Republicans and Democrats fighting over the few remaining state delegates and threats of appeals to the Supreme Court, Daniel Lazare predicts that the constitutional crisis can only get worse

Bidenomics: boom or bust?

What will a Democrat victory mean for the US economy? Michael Roberts sees little room for optimism

Dogs that didn’t bark

James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists gives the reasons why the official left’s response has been so feeble to Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension

Myths of unity and disunity

The EHRC report demonstrates the bankruptcy of the official Labour left’s appeasement of the right, argues Paul Demarty

Putting Zionism in charge

Outsourcing of ‘anti-Semitism’ training and disciplinary procedures to the likes of the Jewish Labour Movement must be opposed, writes Eddie Ford

Freedom of speech

Open letter to the Labour leader, Labour Disputes and Labour Legal Queries

Going nowhere fast

Peter Manson lifts the lid on mindless activity, an arid internal life and leadership control-freakery

Long held ambitions

What’s behind the blazing row between Macron and Erdoğan? Esen Uslu explains the strategic overreach

Keep ’em coming

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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