WW archive > Issue 1262 - 02 August 2019

Election has already begun

Boris Johnson’s spending spree and visits to the four corners of the UK are about seeing off Jeremy Corbyn, but, writes Eddie Fordthe parliamentary establishment might still make a decisive move.


Semi-Stalinist; High ground; Ignominy; Posh clown

Taaffe expels his majority

Paul Demarty reports on the finalisation of the split in the Committee for a Workers’ International.

Liberal and illiberal delusions

Mike Macnair argues that capitalism cannot escape from the battles of liberals and conservatives

Lenin’s misreading of Marx

In the first of a two-part article, Nick Rogers claims that Lenin’s "The state and revolution" introduced the concept of socialism and communism as two different forms of post-capitalist society. His contention is that this established a “framework” that in the 20th century was abused to “justify Stalinist practice”.

From golden age to age of austerity

Trump’s trade war with China and Brexit poses major challenges to globalised capital, argues Yassamine Mather. This article is based on a recent talk given to Cambridge University Persian Society.

Profits on the fall

The US officially admits its figures for the last three years were wrong. Michael Roberts comments on the revisions.

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