WW archive > Issue 1244 - 28 March 2019

The government is missing

As the clock ticks down, nobody is meaningfully in charge, writes Paul Demarty


Ahistorical; Historical; Sick and sad; Capitalistocene; EU and Labour

We are where we are

William Sarsfield reports on a successful meeting in solidarity with Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker

Another victim of the witch hunt

Jackie Walker was expelled by a supposedly ‘leftwing’ panel, notes Carla Roberts

Time to end the tailism

With the United Kingdom in the grip of a profound constitutional crisis, Jack Conrad says the left must reject referendums as a matter of principle. Instead we need our own programme and our own tactics

Squirming on the hook

Howe Cheatem considers the trap ‘mainstream’ liberals have got themselves into through attempting to set up a prosecution of Donald Trump

Ever further to the right

In the Knesset election campaign, writes Tony Greenstein, the main parties are arguing about who will be more successful in getting rid of the Palestinians

March for a national government

Eddie Ford warns those on the left backing the People’s Vote campaign - be careful what you wish for

Growth across the world slows further and further

Despite predictions to the contrary, says Michael Roberts, the long depression is still very much with us

Increased target

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