Lord of chaos

Donald Trump’s reign is turning into a fiasco, writes Paul Demarty, who is concerned about his plans to regain the initiative

Towards the end of Barack Obama’s time in the White House, there was an increasing sense of complete deadlock. Congress was ever more dominated by Republicans, and the Republicans ever more dominated by Tea Party types, for whom Obama’s presidency was prima facie illegitimate and the result of some vast conspiracy. It seemed that things could not possibly get more gridlocked.

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Wild Wales; Clusterfuck; Hegemony; Engels’ ‘update’

Not a commodity

The growing trend towards rationing treatment is a disgrace, writes James Linney

Supplement: The birth of a new system

As well as celebrating the Russian Revolution, says Jack Conrad, we should never forget the counterrevolution

The social gradient

Mike Belbin completes his series of articles on genetics, racism and human character

Ten years later

What has the bourgeoisie learnt from the 2007-08 crash? Not a great deal, writes Michael Roberts

Communist University 2017: Who is speaking and when

A list of speakers and current timetable

Oppression from all sides

Iraqi communist Haifa Zangana addressed the London Communist Forum on August 6

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