WW archive > Issue 1151 - 20 April 2017

Plans for blue murder

Eddie Ford is not remotely surprised that Theresa May has called a snap election


Formal end; Shock; Some hope; Social theft; No soviets; Union launch

Playing dangerous games

Donald Trump’s swaggering brinksmanship is a reminder of the fragility of the global order, argues Paul Demarty

‘All power to the soviets!’

Did Lenin’s April theses mark a fundamental change in Bolshevik strategy? In this series of articles Lars T Lih demonstrates that this was not the case

Draft of a mandate

For use in electing delegates to the Soviet of Worker and Soldier Deputies

No self-determination

The overthrow of Zionism is incompatible with a Hebrew nation, argues Tony Greenstein, in this reply to Moshé Machover

All form, not much content

Max Grierson reviews: Paul Beatty, 'The sellout', Oneworld Publications, 2016, pp289, £12.99

You still can’t say it

Chris Gray reviews: Ken Livingstone, 'You can’t say that: memoirs', Faber, 2011,pp710, £9.99

‘No’ - it’s not over yet!

The AKP government is in crisis following the rigged referendum. Esen Uslu reports

Taking us for granted?

It's hands in pockets time, says Robbie Rix

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