WW archive > Issue 1143 - 23 February 2017

Return of the killer air

Tinkering measures cannot halt pollution, writes Arnulf Solberg


Bargaining chips; Bottom line; Charade; Doubts; No discussion; Stop STPs; How?

‘Progressive alliance’ adds up to defeat

Bad opinion polls have encouraged retrogressive thinking, argues James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists

Looking for redemption

Will Tony Blair be mainly remembered for his claims about Iraq and WMD? Not if he can help it, writes Eddie Ford

Deep opposition

Who is out to get Donald Trump? Paul Demarty goes in search of the American deep state

Inequality reaches new high

Marx’s prediction 150 years ago that capitalism would lead to greater concentration of wealth has been borne out, writes Michael Roberts

Putting the case for real socialism

The recent elections in Momentum allowed us to test our strength and present our arguments, writes Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists

The fight for democracy is not a split

Lansman’s coup should be resisted by founding a democratic Momentum, urges Tony Greenstein

Burial of the two-state ‘solution’

Netanyahu has been dealt a Trump card, affirms Moshé Machover

Worth chipping in for

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