WW archive > Issue 1135 - 15 December 2016

Capital’s wishful thinking

Sections of the ruling class are now optimistic that Donald Trump will implement pro-business measures. But will they work? Michael Roberts analyses the likely impact of ‘Trumponomics’


Castro arse; Inefficient; Game on again; Fascist Trump; I rest my case; 1917-2017; No fight

Quest for purity

Is dubbing Israel a ‘racist state’ anti-Semitic? Tony Greenstein looks at the reality on the ground

Reaping the harvest

Al Nusra are not brave rebels, writes Yassamine Mather. The jihadist group has been financed and directed by the west’s allies with the sole aim of bringing about regime change from above

A vote on Renzi, not Europe

Toby Abse looks at the possibilities following the referendum defeat and subsequent resignation of the prime minister

Fit for a dictator

Allies of Jon Lansman have produced a draft constitution for Momentum. William Sarsfield takes a look

We need your help

Robbie Rix makes the call

A false narrative

The current Momentum crisis has nothing to do with age, Trotsky or even the voting method to be used at conference, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists. It is about who controls Momentum and for what political ends

Election season is on

Divisions are multiplying in the cabinet - but it would be foolish to underestimate the strength of Theresa May’s position, argues Paul Demarty

Punished for Brexit muddle

In, out or what? Eddie Ford is still unsure about Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Europe

Immeasurable loss

Obituary: Moshé Machover remembers Sadiq Jalal al-Azm, 1934-2016

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