WW archive > Issue 1115 - 14 July 2016

Defend Corbyn where it really matters

Why do sections of the left refuse to call for people join the Labour Party? Peter Manson looks at the contradictions of the SWP and SPEW


Nationalism; Islamic threat; Class or racism?; Sovereignty; It’s the system; Reselection; Lasting impact; CLP ‘democracy’; Getting nowhere

Sacrifice and redemption

Chris Cutrone of the Platypus Affiliated Society recounts the struggle of Rosa Luxemburg for the workers’ party to base itself on the goal of socialism

Not a whitewash

Yassamine Mather examines the Chilcot report and looks at a possible response

Fight fire with fire

The Labour left needs to go on the offensive against the right, argues Eddie Ford

An old rhythm

With the huge rise in xenophobic attacks and the role of motherhood in the Conservative leadership race, Commissaress argues that the past has come back with a vengeance

State department socialists

In the wake of the Chilcot inquiry, Paul Demarty remembers that it was not merely the Blairites who put faith in the benevolence of American power

See you at CU?

Peter Manson is feeling the boost from recent events

Don’t rely on the courts

Mike Macnair considers the likelihood of a legal challenge to Labour’s NEC

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