WW archive > Issue 1098 - 17 March 2016


No witch-hunt!; Sanders disaster; Point made; No pose; Get Out; Liberal drugs; Eternal hope; Prolific

Due process and justice

In the interests of political debate and clarification we publish Gerry Downing’s appeal against his expulsion

By your advisors shall you be known

Yassamine Mather takes apart John McDonnell’s pledge of responsibility

Confusing the question

Tony Greenstein dissects Zionism, Jewish identity and the ‘socialism of fools’

Thin end of the wedge

We must oppose the expulsion of Gerry Downing, but fight to expose his political errors, argues Jim Grant

Right’s fear and loathing

Communists defend Corbyn from his impatient assassins, whilst retaining our criticisms, writes Eddie Ford

Bleak prospects for democracy

The latest atrocity once more draws attention to the fact that Turkey is at war, writes Esen Uslu

Not letting on

Peter Manson asks why the CPB fails to inform us as to its real attitude to immigration controls

Basic income urgently needed

Defence mechanisms against the iniquities of capitalism are needed now, argues Chris Gray

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