WW archive > Issue 1050 - 19 March 2015

Framing our electoral tactics

The March 15 CPGB members’ aggregate debated the forthcoming general election and Left Unity’s internal elections. Daniel Harvey reports


LU or Tusc?; Vote Green?; Free everywhere; What solution?; Calumny; Red mist; Defend Sofia

A model and its limits

Mickey Coulter took part in a debate on ‘Syriza and the European left’, hosted by Sheffield Left Unity

A test of seriousness

Paul Demarty examines responses to the seven questions posed by the Communist Platform to Left Unity candidates, and wonders why many are so reluctant to respond in good faith

At the hustings

Left Unity candidates give more responses to the Communist Platform's questions

Funny is not the opposite of serious

Terry Pratchett’s work and life was powered by a kindly moral anger, writes Eddie Ford

One year of the miners’ strike

Mark Fischer presents two articles originally printed in The Leninist at the end of the miners' strike

How could we have won?

Former NUM South Wales area executive member Ian Isaac looks back to the miners’ Great Strike

Behind the Psycho drama

Zoë Howe Barbed wire kisses: The Jesus and Mary Chain story Polygon, 2014, pp306, £12.99

Collaborators and the ANC

Jacob Dlamini Askari Jacana Media (Johannesburg), pp305, R225 (£12.25)

Following the logic of nationalism

Solidarity is heading for deserved oblivion, writes Peter Manson


Robbie Rix believes in you dear readers

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