WW archive > Issue 1049 - 12 March 2015

The lucky generation and the historic limits of capital

Optimism amongst mainstream economists is clearly misplaced, argues Michael Roberts


Hang your head; Wrong tone; Pro-Zionist; Homophobic?; Economic; Inspiration; Malaise; The only party; Vampire IMF

Nationalist shock waves

Poll predictions of a Labour wipeout show that the national question has not gone away, argues Eddie Ford

Natalie Bennett’s motley crew

While the Green Party as a whole is not supportable, argues Robert Hayes, a small number of its candidates may be

Candidates give their answers

These are the questions posed by the Communist Platform to those standing for the leadership

Meaningless noise

Workers Power has made a strange new ally. Daniel Harvey reports

A tactical embarrassment

Nobody comes out of the leaders’ debates farce in good shape, argues Paul Demarty


We don't need any explanation for giving us your money, says Robbie Rix

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