WW archive > Issue 1043 - 29 January 2015

Victory tainted by right populists

Syriza’s problems are only just beginning, predicts Eddie Ford


Bizarre history; Syriza not left; Allende update; Ushered; Weather clock; Only Ian; Pedant; Either-or; V-sign; Biblical serpent

Planning our interventions

The CPGB had its first AGM, Daniel Harvey reports

Honeymoon or hangover?

Initial euphoria on the left at the electoral victory of Syriza has given way to mixed feelings, notes Paul Demarty - but little sign of rethinking

Dishonesty and opportunism

The comrades are gearing up for a major electoral intervention. But on what basis? Peter Manson attended Tusc’s pre-election conference

Facing up to reality

The left found it hard to accept defeat in 1985

Hypocrisy abounds

Yassamine Mather can hardly believe the sickening tributes being paid to the Saudi tyrant

What Kate did next

Andy Croft (editor) After the party: reflections on life since the CPGB Lawrence and Wishart, 2012, pp224, £15.99

Green-tinted glasses

Despite the membership figures and the hype, notes Micky Coulter, the Green Party's increased popularity is not a sign of good times to come for socialists

Every little

We have a shortfall, says Robbie Rix

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