WW archive > Issue 1029 - 09 October 2014

The IS conundrum

The siege of Kobanê raises more questions than it answers, writes Yassamine Mather


Just a phase; Pointless; National solution; Not Zionist; Scurrilous; Alternative?

Employers attempt to outmanoeuvre unions

Will Pragnell reports on developments in Unison

SWP: Business as usual

Membership is officially down by a thousand. Debate has shrivelled to next to nothing. Peter Manson reviews Internal Bulletin No1

LRC: Inclusivity and intolerance

Some leading members are displaying an unhealthy aversion to dissenting views. Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists attended the final meeting of its outgoing national committee

Italy: New attack on workers’ rights

The former ‘official communists’ are being dragged further and further to the right, observes Toby Abse

WWI: How did it all happen?

Douglas Newton The darkest days: the truth behind Britain’s rush to war, 1914 Verso, 2014, pp386, £20

Fall and fall of Nick Griffin

It may be curtains for the BNP, writes Eddie Ford, but its demise has very little to do with the SWP or Unite Against Fascism

Oasis between bible groups

Communists on campus are still swimming against the tide, reports Ben Lewis

Holes in the balance sheet

As the general election approaches, Paul Demarty wonders what happened to the left’s ebullient predictions four years ago


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