Yes campaign: In false colours

There are unmistakable parallels between ‘Scottish socialism’ and ‘proletarian nationalism’. Jack Conrad issues a health warning

Before their acrimonious split, Alan McCombes and Tommy Sheridan - the founding duumvirate of the Scottish Socialist Party - portrayed Scotland as an oppressed nation akin to colonised Ireland, India and Kenya. Morally repugnant, historically dishonest ... but politically expedient. Scottish regiments, Scottish administrators and Scottish capitalists were joint oppressors of Ireland, India and Kenya. Despite that, McCombes-Sheridan protested that Scotland has languished under the English yoke for 300 years. Simultaneously, and no less absurdly, they boasted that Scotland occupies a privileged position in the global struggle for socialism. After regaining independence, Scotland will cut a messianic path to socialism. Marvelling, the people of other, lesser countries, will gain courage and seek to emulate Scotland’s “earthshattering” lead.1

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LRC: A crisis of soul searching

The Labour Representation Committee’s leadership is anticipating a ‘make or break’ annual general meeting on November 8. Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports

Ukraine: No siding with nationalists

Eddie Ford argues that working class political independence cannot be built by backing the pawns of imperialism

What is the capitalist strategy?

Hillel Ticktin looks beneath the hype about ‘recovery’ to expose the bankruptcy of the ruling class

Parvus: for German victory

New translations shed light on the thinking of socialists who ended up supporting 'their' side in WWI. Mike Macnair introduces a second Parvus article

Sex, drugs and R&D

There are lies, damned lies, and headline economic statistics, writes Paul Demarty

Glad to be back

Robbie Rix, aka 'the Scarlet Pimpernel' is back to report on your favourite paper's finances

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