WW archive > Issue 1022 - 07 August 2014

Only an Arab revolution can liberate Palestine

Neither a one-state nor a two-state ‘solution’ can be achieved under the current balance of forces, writes Paul Demarty


Record check; Crown agents; Proxy nats; Anti-Semitism; Capitulations; Democratic; Good issue

Turkey: No laughing matter

Amidst the gathering storms the deputy prime minister provides some light relief. Esen Uslu reports

The myth of the English yoke

Was Scotland subject to an English takeover in 1707? Does Scotland suffer from English internal colonialism? Jack Conrad questions the myths and assumptions of Scottish nationalism

One hundred years of counterrevolution

1914-18 and subsequent wars have played an important role in subduing the working class, writes Mark Kosman

While the NUM waged war ...

Mark Fischer introduces another Leninist reprint, this time on the fight against liquidationist tendencies in the CPGB

Can commerce be ethical?

Ndongo Samba Sylla The fair trade scandal: marketing poverty to benefit the rich Pluto Press, pp208, £16

Black square and full circle

Malevich exhibition, Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1, £13.10 (ends October 26)

Imperialism: Judge it by results

Despite the cover provided by various social-imperialists, British and French intervention has produced hell on earth, argues Eddie Ford

Valuable and provoking

Another good week for our annual fundraising drive. Mark Fischer reports

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