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Openness is a weapon

21 Apr 2016

The Weekly Worker’s commitment to open reporting on the affairs of the labour movement is not a fetish, but a political necessity, argues Paul Demarty

One, two, three revolutions

21 Apr 2016

Jack Conrad argues that democracy in the United States is corrupted and far from complete. The working class must finish what 1775 began

The in-out kabuki dance

14 Apr 2016

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists says a passive boycott is not as good as an active boycott. But it is far better than participating in Stronger in Europe

Kautsky on referenda

31 Mar 2016

As a contribution to the debate regarding the tactics to adopt in relation to the European Union referendum, Ben Lewis has translated this piece by Karl Kautsky on ‘direct legislation’. Kautsky (1854-1938), known as the “pope of Marxism”, was a thinker who, as recent scholarship has underlined, had a profound influence on the theory and practice of Lenin’s Bolsheviks

Direct legislation by the people and the class struggle

31 Mar 2016

By Karl Kautsky

Thin end of the wedge

17 Mar 2016

We must oppose the expulsion of Gerry Downing, but fight to expose his political errors, argues Jim Grant

Flip-flopping over in or out

10 Mar 2016

Neither Corbyn’s current stance, nor his former position is in workers’ interests, argues Peter Manson

Who’s afraid of 1916?

10 Mar 2016

Admiration of James Connolly should be tempered by criticism, writes Anne McShane

A working class military programme

25 Feb 2016

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists argues that a Jeremy Corbyn government would best be defended by abolishing the standing army and the formation of a popular militia

Popular militia vs standing army

07 Jan 2016

Jack Conrad takes issue with those on the left who oppose, shun or want to keep silent over a basic democratic demand

Second amendment Marxism or inveterate pacifism

19 Nov 2015

Jack Conrad and Salman Shaheen debated the right to bear arms

Prioritise republican fight

17 Sep 2015

Corbyn’s defence of trade unionism is admirable, writes Peter Manson, but he must not shy away from the way we are ruled

Bedrock of the British state

10 Sep 2015

Instead of Platonic republicanism, Jeremy Corbyn should prioritise the fight to abolish the monarchy, says Eddie Ford

No escaping sordid history

23 Jul 2015

The queen’s Nazi salute exposes the British establishment’s modern myths, writes Paul Demarty

Democracy and rights

09 Jul 2015

Mike Macnaircalls on the CPGB to reconsider its position on the question of national self-determination. In the first of three articles, he examines the meaning of ‘democratic rights’