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Much confusion, little clarity

16 Mar 2017

William Sarsfield spoke to Labour Party Marxists supporter Tina Werkmann, who was elected to the Grassroots Momentum steering committee

Against Lansman, for what?

16 Mar 2017

On March 11, Grassroots Momentum met at Conway Hall in central London. Simon Wells and Carla Roberts report

What was Straight Left?

09 Mar 2017

Lawrence Parker investigates the political origins of Jeremy Corbyn’s director and deputy director of strategy and communications

Don’t be a fan club

09 Mar 2017

William Sarsfield of Labour Party Marxists calls for a serious fight to transform Labour

Tories winning Brexit battle

02 Mar 2017

Stoke and Copeland shows the growing ascendency of the Tory Party, writes Eddie Ford

Inconsistently democratic

02 Mar 2017

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists reports on the CLPD annual conference

The fight for democracy is not a split

23 Feb 2017

Lansman’s coup should be resisted by founding a democratic Momentum, urges Tony Greenstein

Looking for redemption

23 Feb 2017

Will Tony Blair be mainly remembered for his claims about Iraq and WMD? Not if he can help it, writes Eddie Ford

‘Progressive alliance’ adds up to defeat

23 Feb 2017

Bad opinion polls have encouraged retrogressive thinking, argues James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists

Slow moving car crash

16 Feb 2017

Support for article 50 is a failure of both principle and strategy, writes Tony Greenstein

Tails you lose, heads you lose

16 Feb 2017

Whether over Brexit or Labour strategy, writes Eddie Ford, Corbyn is determined to appease the centre and the right

Zionism cannot be appeased

02 Feb 2017

Jon Lansman’s coup was an act of desperation. No credibility should be given to his imposed constitution, argues Tony Greenstein

Fight back - but for what?

02 Feb 2017

The left in Momentum is organising a ‘networking conference’ on March 11, writes Carla Roberts

Stay and fight the battle of ideas

19 Jan 2017

Despite widespread outrage over the Lansman coup, there is little appetite to split Momentum, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Labour’s migration wars

12 Jan 2017

Jeremy Corbyn cannot ‘triangulate’ between soft Brexit and hard Brexit, writes Eddie Ford