Attempt to outlaw justified anger

The demand that Corbyn should apologise for Labour ‘anti-Semitism’ is a demand to bow before US policymakers, writes Mike Macnair

Among the ‘olive branches’ Jeremy Corbyn and his advisers offered to the capitalist class and its agents in the Labour Party in his leadership acceptance speech on September 24 was the following statement:

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Redress balance; Transform; Anarchism rules; Bad marketing

Saint Bob’s bauble

Dylan’s Nobel prize has little to do with him, and more to do with the flagging artistic establishment, argues Harley Filben

Redefining anti-Semitism

The transparent dishonesty of the home affairs select committee is remarkable, writes Tony Greenstein

Calling upon imperialism is complete madness

Yassamine Mather delivered this opening to the October 16 CPGB and Labour Party Marxists aggregate

Swimming in the right pond

Maciej Zurowski talks to Paul Thompson about the emergence of the skinhead subculture and its implicit values

Hard Brexit or no Brexit?

Unless there is a traumatic economic crisis, argues Eddie Ford, Theresa May looks set for a landslide victory in an early general election

Moved to action

Robbie Rix senses a shift in the right direction, so keep going!

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