Right’s floundering coup

Where next for the Labour right? Jim Grant considers the options

What was it Marx said about history repeating itself?

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Two cheeks; Not Grover; Abused; Vacant wit; Close it down; Fake solidarity; Sick child

Unique and historic opportunity

There is no reason to be pessimistic about the struggle in the Labour Party. Peter Manson replies to Ian Birchall

From Powell to Brexit

Alex Carnovic interviews Evan Smith about his forthcoming book 'British communism and the politics of race'

Return of the popular front

The desire for a ‘party of the 99%’ represents a form of political collapse, argues Eddie Ford

Obituaries: Two miners’ heroes

David Douglass remembers Brian Robson and Davey Hopper

No let-up in purge

A grand national coalition is part of Erdoğan’s ‘godsent opportunity’, writes Esen Uslu

No time to stay silent

BMA members must insist that the union’s decisions are followed through, argues Richard Galen

Political impact

Peter Manson feels the fundraising impact

Communist University 2016

A week of provocative and stimulating debate sponsored by Labour Party Marxists and CPGB

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