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Make it mandatory

08 Sep 2016

Carla Roberts reviews: David Osland's 'How to select or reselect your MP', Spokesman Books, 2016, pp16, £4

How to deselect your MP

08 Sep 2016

Carla Roberts looks at the rules, past and present

End the bans and proscriptions

01 Sep 2016

Once the Labour Party was characterised by tolerance and inclusion, all working class organisations were welcome - no longer. James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists explores the history

Sources, streams and confluence

25 Aug 2016

Ben Lewis offers some thoughts on the origins of democratic centralism

Scorched earth litigation

04 Aug 2016

The right’s implausible and not so implausible legal threats have a purpose, writes Mike Macnair

Unique and historic opportunity

28 Jul 2016

There is no reason to be pessimistic about the struggle in the Labour Party. Peter Manson replies to Ian Birchall

Time for Corbyn to speak out

21 Jul 2016

What does the right do when it loses an election? It voids the result! Tony Greenstein reports on the suspension of the largest local Labour unit

Which side are you on?

21 Jul 2016

Why is the Morning Star’s Communist Party of Britain willing to be an ally of the Labour thought police, asks Dave Lynch

No safe spaces for traitors

21 Jul 2016

Jeremy Corbyn not only faces the nonentity, Owen Smith, but a legal challenge in the high court. Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists says the left must toughen up

Don’t rely on the courts

14 Jul 2016

Mike Macnair considers the likelihood of a legal challenge to Labour’s NEC

Our strategy and tactics

16 Jun 2016

Jack Conrad looks at the referendum - and beyond that to the challenge of continental unity

A continent of the mind

19 May 2016

Jack Conrad shows that the European Union has been shaped not only by rival state powers, but by class politics too

Without monarchies or standing armies

12 May 2016

Jack Conrad explores Leon Trotsky’s strategic thinking

A highly serviceable political weapon

05 May 2016

Jack Conrad discusses Lenin and the ‘United States of Europe’ slogan

A missed opportunity

28 Apr 2016

Eddie Ford laments the republican speech Jeremy Corbyn did not make