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Slow moving car crash

16 Feb 2017

Support for article 50 is a failure of both principle and strategy, writes Tony Greenstein

Economic cold war looms

02 Feb 2017

Theresa May wants to cuddle up to Trump, writes Eddie Ford, but EU leaders are horrified

Whole new ball game

26 Jan 2017

The government insists that it will stick to its Brexit timetable come hell or high water, writes Eddie Ford

Deal or no deal?

19 Jan 2017

Theresa May feels forced, despite herself, to go for a ‘clean’ Brexit, argues Eddie Ford

Keep the guards on board

22 Dec 2016

Support the rail unions and support genuine modernisation, argues Eddie Ford

Punished for Brexit muddle

15 Dec 2016

In, out or what? Eddie Ford is still unsure about Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Europe

Election season is on

15 Dec 2016

Divisions are multiplying in the cabinet - but it would be foolish to underestimate the strength of Theresa May’s position, argues Paul Demarty

Protecting the guilty

08 Dec 2016

As with Jimmy Savile, writes Eddie Ford, the sex abuse scandal reflects unequal power relations in society

Remainers begin to fight back

01 Dec 2016

The intervention of John Major and Tony Blair shows that Brexit does not have to mean Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

Not a private matter

24 Nov 2016

Instead of ducking the question, writes Eddie Ford, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell should be fighting for republican democracy

Defend founding principles

24 Nov 2016

Ensure the enthusiasm for Corbyn is not wasted, urges medical archaeologist Robert Arnott

Confused reformism

24 Nov 2016

Hillel Ticktin lambasts the shadow chancellor’s economic timidity

A comedy of errors

17 Nov 2016

Attempts to undertand the history of the CPGB and its leadership of the National Left Wing Movement in the 1920s are far from satisfactory, writes Lawrence Parker

Court judgement works for May

10 Nov 2016

The Brexit right gets ready for its march on the supreme court, while the Tories prepare for an early general election, writes Eddie Ford

No sense of tradition

03 Nov 2016

Attempts to use the history of the Communist Party of Great Britain to back up Robert Griffiths’ stance on the Labour Party are farcical, writes Lawrence Parker