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Unite for a social Europe

27 Nov 2003

This appeal, the grandiosely named ‘Declaration of the assembly of actors and social movements’, was passed on November 16, the last day of the Paris European Social Forum.

Seize opportunity

12 Nov 2003

As the European Union tries to introduce its quasi-democratic constitution, expands to the east, adopts the single currency and looks to a unitary European defence force, our side is left to play catch-up, says Marcus Ström

United States of Europe - theirs and ours

12 Nov 2003

Jack Conrad explains the communist vision

PRC - origins, problems and prospects

12 Nov 2003

The combativity of the working class in Italy is in part connected to the leadership offered by Rifondazione Comunista, argues Toby Abse, a supporter of Resistance. This monthly publication groups together the International Socialist Group - affiliated to the so-called 'Fourth International' - and an eclectic range of independents who in general inhabit the right wing of the Socialist Alliance

Macedonia and consistent democracy

22 Mar 2001

Self-determination for Balkan peoples

Anti-democratic 'anti-imperialism'

30 Nov 2000

Social chauvinism

02 Nov 2000

Arising from an ongoing internet discussion on the UK Left Network (, Owen Jones takes on the CPGB's position on Yugoslavia

Globalise this?

05 Oct 2000

Serbia on the brink

05 Oct 2000

Prague S26

28 Sep 2000

Time for control

L'Union européenne et les communistes

21 Sep 2000