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In the hands of the courts

09 Feb 2017

The judiciary is playing a significant role in shaping Italian politics, reports Toby Abse

Will France be next?

09 Feb 2017

As the ruling circles take in the election of a right-populist US president, Paul Demarty looks at the rightwing threat within Europe

Economic cold war looms

02 Feb 2017

Theresa May wants to cuddle up to Trump, writes Eddie Ford, but EU leaders are horrified

Proof of US-inspired terror

26 Jan 2017

Toby Abse reviews: Paolo Bolognesi (ed) Alto tradimento Castelvecchi, Rome, 2016, €18.50

Whole new ball game

26 Jan 2017

The government insists that it will stick to its Brexit timetable come hell or high water, writes Eddie Ford

Rasputin and Little Red Riding Hood

19 Jan 2017

Claims that the Five Star Movement is some kind of leftwing formation have been well and truly exposed, writes Toby Abse

Deal or no deal?

19 Jan 2017

Theresa May feels forced, despite herself, to go for a ‘clean’ Brexit, argues Eddie Ford

Punished for Brexit muddle

15 Dec 2016

In, out or what? Eddie Ford is still unsure about Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Europe

A vote on Renzi, not Europe

15 Dec 2016

Toby Abse looks at the possibilities following the referendum defeat and subsequent resignation of the prime minister

Integration and disintegration

01 Dec 2016

Hillel Ticktin outlines the political and economic forces at play in the European Union

Remainers begin to fight back

01 Dec 2016

The intervention of John Major and Tony Blair shows that Brexit does not have to mean Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

Are Renzi’s days numbered?

01 Dec 2016

The December 4 constitutional referendum could be one poll where the predictions turn out to be correct, writes Toby Abse

What sort of populism?

17 Nov 2016

Toby Abse reviews: Filippo Tronconi (ed) 'Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement: organisation, communication and ideology', Ashgate Publishing, 2015, pp250, £67.99

Court judgement works for May

10 Nov 2016

The Brexit right gets ready for its march on the supreme court, while the Tories prepare for an early general election, writes Eddie Ford

Demands of capital will triumph

03 Nov 2016

Eddie Ford says that, while Theresa May speaks about a hard Brexit for domestic advantage, what she will deliver will either be a soft Brexit or no Brexit at all