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Not taking into account the specific conditions

18 Jul 2013

Another session on Leninism, another show-down. Sarah McDonald was there

Alex in wonderland

18 Jul 2013

Attempts by the leadership to portray the SWP as the only ‘Leninist’ organisation in town are totally at odds with reality, argues Ben Lewis

SWP leadership: Laughable history produces laughable results

11 Jul 2013

Jack Conrad argues that the pre-1917 Bolshevik model of organisation should be properly studied and properly understood

Democratic centralism: Fortunes of a formula

11 Apr 2013

How did 'democratic centralism' become 'democratic centralism'? Lars T Lih looks at the changing use of the phrase by the Bolsheviks

Debate: Lukács reloaded

07 Mar 2013

Dealing with the complex legacy of Georg Lukács demands something more sophisticated than treating him as an honorary member of the SWP, argues Lawrence Parker

Alex Callinicos: haunted by the real Lenin

07 Mar 2013

Ben Lewis observed few signs of ‘revolt’ at last weekend’s SWSS day school

SWP CC and theory: Self-serving dishonesty

28 Feb 2013

Do the Socialist Workers Party’s ‘stability’ and ‘clear perspectives’ result from its ban on permanent factions? You must be joking, writes Mike Macnair

Comintern review: Not a school of strategy

21 Feb 2013

Mike Macnair reviews: John Riddell (ed), 'Toward the united front: proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International 1922'. Brill, 2012, pp1310, €200 (paperback also available from Haymarket Books, £39.99)

SWP and programme: Transitional regression ends in a hunch

14 Feb 2013

Is the so-called transitional method the road to revolution? Jack Conrad argues against the economism of the Socialist Workers Party

Owen Jones polemic: Babies and bathwater

07 Feb 2013

Stan Keable of Labour Party Marxists thinks that Owen Jones has thrown out the democratic baby

SWP crisis: Professor Callinicos and the dark side

31 Jan 2013

Finally a member of the SWP central committee attempts to defend its conduct. Paul Demarty wishes he hadn’t bothered

USSR polemic: In defence of defencism

10 Jan 2013

The Soviet Union did indeed feature a form a form of planning, argues Jim Creegan in his reply to Paul Flewers

CPGB History: Illuminating the factional struggles of the CPGB

29 Nov 2012

Mark Fischer welcomes the second edition of a book which uncovers some long-hidden history

April theses: Before and after April 1917

22 Nov 2012

The April theses represented Bolshevik continuity rather than a break, argues Lars T Lih. This is an edited version of a speech given to a London Communist Forum

The relevance of Lenin today

12 Jul 2012

Why is the Bolshevik leader ritualistically invoked, only to be demonised? Chris Cutrone of the US Platypus group examines the paradox