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First stage of the first revolution

29 Jun 2017

Lenin’s ‘Letter from afar’, as printed in Pravda, March 21 and 22 1917

Witnesses of the revolution

22 Jun 2017

Rex Dunn reviews: David E Lowes (editor), 'Bessie Beatty on revolutionary Russia', Red Revenant, 2017, £6.99, pp256 and, David E Lowes (editor), 'Arthur Ransome Three accounts of Revolutionary Russia Red Revenant', 2017, £6.90, pp212

Bolsheviks take to the streets

22 Jun 2017

Nos 12-13, ‘1917: the view from the streets’ - leaflets of the Russian Revolution

Prospects of the Russian Revolution

08 Jun 2017

Kautsky saw the events of spring 1917 as having a global significance. Even though now a renegade, he was still capable of considerable foresight

A forgotten strategist

08 Jun 2017

Ben Lewis introduces Karl Kautsky’s article of April 1917

Sectarianism and secession

25 May 2017

Programmatically weak politics only helped reinforce the CPGB’s ultimate sectarianism after its re-entry into the Labour Party in the late 1930s, writes Lawrence Parker

Up close and personal

18 May 2017

The CPGB’s mass entry work in the Labour Party in the late 1930s has been partially obscured by delusions associated with popular frontism, writes Lawrence Parker

The proletariat and its ally

04 May 2017

This is the concluding section of Karl Kautsky’s The driving forces and the prospects of the Russian Revolution (1906)

‘All power to the soviets!’

04 May 2017

In the second article in the current series, Lars T Lih demonstrates that the Bolshevik strategy of a revolutionary alliance between the proletariat and peasantry was upheld by Karl Kautsky

Draft of a mandate

20 Apr 2017

For use in electing delegates to the Soviet of Worker and Soldier Deputies

‘All power to the soviets!’

20 Apr 2017

Did Lenin’s April theses mark a fundamental change in Bolshevik strategy? In this series of articles Lars T Lih demonstrates that this was not the case

False memory syndrome

13 Apr 2017

Far from being disproved by 1917, the standing programme of Bolshevism found vindication, argues Jack Conrad

Lenin’s arrival in Russia

06 Apr 2017

One hundred years ago a small group of revolutionaries returned to Russia in the famous ‘sealed train’. Ben Lewis introduces his translation of Grigory Zinoviev’s account of this truly historic event

Join us to achieve peace

30 Mar 2017

‘1917: the view from the streets’: leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No9

For a people’s Provisional Revolutionary Government

23 Mar 2017

Introducing another translation in the series: ‘1917: the view from the streets’ - leaflets of the Russian Revolution, No7