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USSR polemic: In defence of defencism

10 Jan 2013

The Soviet Union did indeed feature a form a form of planning, argues Jim Creegan in his reply to Paul Flewers

CPGB History: Illuminating the factional struggles of the CPGB

29 Nov 2012

Mark Fischer welcomes the second edition of a book which uncovers some long-hidden history

April theses: Before and after April 1917

22 Nov 2012

The April theses represented Bolshevik continuity rather than a break, argues Lars T Lih. This is an edited version of a speech given to a London Communist Forum

The relevance of Lenin today

12 Jul 2012

Why is the Bolshevik leader ritualistically invoked, only to be demonised? Chris Cutrone of the US Platypus group examines the paradox

Grigory Zinoviev at his best

21 Jun 2012

John Riddell reviews: Ben Lewis and Lars T Lih (eds), 'Zinoviev and Martov: head to head in Halle', November Publications, 2011, pp229,

Bolshevism and revolutionary social democracy

07 Jun 2012

Lars T Lih completes his series of articles on Lenin's view of the party question by examining the context in 1920 of 'Leftwing' communism

How Lenin's party became (Bolshevik)

17 May 2012

Did Lenin seek to exclude Mensheviks from Russia's revolutionary organisation in order to forge a 'party of a new type'? Lars T Lih looks at the reality

Convergence and questions

10 May 2012

What did Lenin expect to arise from the 1912 Prague conference? Paul Le Blanc responds to Lars T Lih on Bolshevism and party-building

A faction is not a party

03 May 2012

Did the Bolsheviks seek to create a 'party of a new type' in 1912? Lars T Lih looks at the historical record

Breaking with the cold war consensus

05 Apr 2012

Has today's anti-Stalinist left sleepwalked into a Stalinoid conception of 'Bolshevism'? This is an edited and expanded version of the speech delivered by the CPGB's Ben Lewis to the March 31-April 1 Platypus convention in Chicago

1912 and 2012

05 Apr 2012

Paul Le Blanc argues that the Bolsheviks constituted themselves as a separate party at the Prague conference and advocates a 'united front' for today's disunited Marxist left

Both Pham Binh and Paul Le Blanc are wrong

05 Apr 2012

The left has never properly grasped the history and significance of Bolshevism, argues Mike Macnair

Wanting to get Lenin wrong

29 Mar 2012

Pham Binh challenges those who insist on maintaining their fictional image of Lenin and the Bolsheviks - despite the overwhelming evidence

Fur flies over Lenin

22 Mar 2012

What has the debate over 1912 got to do with current communist practice? James Turley answers the philistines

Falling out over a Cliff

16 Feb 2012

Was Lenin a lying manoeuvrer? Were the Bolsheviks a cult led by an all-knowing leader and staffed by narrow-minded minions? Lars T Lih joins in the debate over Tony Cliff's biography and debunks some myths held by both left and right