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Sacrifice and redemption

14 Jul 2016

Chris Cutrone of the Platypus Affiliated Society recounts the struggle of Rosa Luxemburg for the workers’ party to base itself on the goal of socialism

What was social democracy?

07 Jul 2016

Chris Cutrone of the Platypus Affiliated Society traces the origins of current socialist terminology1

Curious delay and publication switch

16 Jun 2016

Rexx Dunn reviews: 'Victor Serge and Natalia Sedova Trotsky The life and death of Leon Trotsky', Haymarket Books, 2016, pp396, £12.99

Obscuring class politics

09 Jun 2016

Phil Duncan condemns socialists who supported the Bernie Sanders campaign and counterposes it to building a Marxist party

Too close for comfort

19 May 2016

The errors of the CPGB in relation to the 1924 minority Labour government were deeply rooted in the political physiognomy of the early Comintern, argues Lawrence Parker

Without monarchies or standing armies

12 May 2016

Jack Conrad explores Leon Trotsky’s strategic thinking

A perfectly ordinary, highly instructive document

17 Dec 2015

Lars T Lih introduces Zinoviev’s review of Kautsky’s 1909 book, Path to power

Only one path to socialism

17 Dec 2015

Translation of Grigorii Zinoviev’s review of Path to power

A missed opportunity

26 Nov 2015

Left unity continues to dodge the issue of its constitution, writes Paul Demarty

If Labour wins in 2020

08 Oct 2015

There are many lessons to be drawn from the experience of revolutionary Russia and contemporary Britain. Chris Knight looks back at what he wrote in 1969

Bureaucratic centralism and its apostates

16 Jul 2015

Jack Conrad argues that SWP claims about the pre-1917 Bolshevik organisation are bogus

Truth, not myths, serve our cause

02 Jul 2015

Why do comrades on the left insist on repeating evident falsehoods about Lenin and the Bolsheviks, not least when it comes to 1917? Jack Conrad replies to Jim Creegan

Proletarian dictatorship and state capitalism

25 Jun 2015

Chris Cutrone of Platypus examines the meaning of political party for the left

Democratic dictatorship vs permanent revolution

21 May 2015

Did Lenin and the Bolsheviks lack a credible strategy? Jim Creegan replies to Jack Conrad

Lenin’s programme found vindication

23 Apr 2015

Jack Conrad argues that, far from being disproved by 1917, the established strategy of the Bolsheviks was continued and enriched