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One step from a shooting war

28 Jun 2012

The downing of a Turkish plane by Syria has brought the contradictions of Istanbul's soft-Islamist government to the fore. Esen Uslu explains

Our duty to Iran's working class

15 Mar 2012

Speaking at a CPGB meeting in Manchester in support of Hands Off the People of Iran, Yassamine Mather makes the call for urgent and principled solidarity

Expulsion and exclusion as war threat grows

08 Mar 2012

The SWP no longer controls Stop the War, writes Peter Manson, but its successors still practise SWP-style bureaucratism

Not our friend

08 Mar 2012

Cat Rylance's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of Communist Students

Doing their job

08 Mar 2012

Tina Becker's speech to the 2012 STWC conference on behalf of the CPGB

Syria: In imperialist sights

01 Mar 2012

With Syria in the sights of the imperialists and the bourgeois media, James Turley wonders where the Left and anti-war movement is.

Iran: all options remain on the table

01 Mar 2012

Rhetoric about Iran is all too reminiscent of the prelude to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, warns Ben Lewis

Hague claims mask new threats

23 Feb 2012

As the drums of war against Iran beat ever louder, Peter Manson takes a look at the latest remarks by the British foreign secretary.

Double standards

15 Sep 2011

James Turley examines the atrocities in Basra

Ten years of blood and fire

08 Sep 2011

The anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks coincides with a resurgence in 'liberal interventionism'. James Turley evaluates the bloody harvest of both

Imperialism cuts its losses

30 Jun 2011

The 'longest running war in US history' is nearing its end. Eddie Ford looks at the wreckage

No champions of democracy

03 Mar 2011

David Cameron's gun-toting trade tour is a much-needed reminder of imperialism's real interest in the Middle East, writes James Turley

Drop trumped-up charges

16 Dec 2010

Imperialism's attempt to close down WikiLeaks has met with determined resistance, writes Eddie Ford

Official optimism gone mad

25 Nov 2010

November 20 saw another Stop the War Coalition march against the occupation of Afghanistan. Maciej Zurowski gives his impressions

Sanctions take their toll

11 Nov 2010

Yassamine Mather calls for international solidarity with Iranian workers