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Weapons of genocidal destruction

25 Feb 2016

Nuclear weapons pose the threat of a devastating accident waiting to happen, warns Yassamine Mather

Abyssinia and the myth of appeasement

14 Jan 2016

Eighty years ago, fascist Italy invaded Abyssinia. Mike Belbin argues that this event is the key to understanding the international politics of the 1930s and after

Deselect the Labour warmongers

03 Dec 2015

Labour is now divided into two parties. One is led by Jeremy Corbyn, the other by Hilary Benn, argues Yassamine Mather

Imperialism digs a deep hole

19 Nov 2015

The assassination of ‘Jihadi John’ was a substitute for serious warfare, argues Eddie Ford

War and peace

10 Sep 2015

Yassamine Mather looks at the contradictions in Jeremy Corbyn’s foreign policy

Reabsorbing solidarity

18 Dec 2014

The 1914 Christmas truce has been thoroughly sanitised by the establishment, argues Paul Demarty

A war that nobody wants to mention

30 Oct 2014

No-one in Turkey wants to celebrate what happened in 1914-18, writes Esen Uslu. But when it comes to the glory days of the Ottoman empire things are different

Those who side with imperialism

23 Oct 2014

Patrick Smith exposes spurious justifications and disastrous results

Models and humanitarian myths

16 Oct 2014

Die Linke is plumbing ever greater opportunist depths, writes Ben Lewis

WWI: How did it all happen?

09 Oct 2014

Douglas Newton The darkest days: the truth behind Britain’s rush to war, 1914 Verso, 2014, pp386, £20

The IS conundrum

09 Oct 2014

The siege of Kobanê raises more questions than it answers, writes Yassamine Mather

Tied to the national state

02 Oct 2014

Support for Germany’s 1914-18 war effort did not just come from the right. As shown by Konrad Haenisch’s letter, there was a pro-war left that banked on a German victory in order to bring about socialist revolution

Going soft on the intervention

02 Oct 2014

Fear and hatred of Islamic State has caused some members of the Fourth International to lose their bearings, writes Peter Manson

Parvus: for German victory

11 Sep 2014

New translations shed light on the thinking of socialists who ended up supporting 'their' side in WWI. Mike Macnair introduces a second Parvus article

Ukraine: No siding with nationalists

11 Sep 2014

Eddie Ford argues that working class political independence cannot be built by backing the pawns of imperialism