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Understanding Khalid Masood

30 Mar 2017

We cannot explain atrocities like the Westminster attack through individual psychology, argues Paul Demarty

Reaping the harvest

15 Dec 2016

Al Nusra are not brave rebels, writes Yassamine Mather. The jihadist group has been financed and directed by the west’s allies with the sole aim of bringing about regime change from above

Enemy of working class

29 Sep 2016

The JLM, like Zionism itself, has no place in the labour movement, argues Tony Greenstein

Don’t rely on imperialists

22 Sep 2016

The US government and various rightwing groups have feigned concern for ‘human rights’ in both Argentina and Iran, writes Yassamine Mather

Life of a heroic traitor

04 Aug 2016

Jim Creegan looks back at the extraordinary story of Roger Casement on the 100th anniversary of his execution

State department socialists

14 Jul 2016

In the wake of the Chilcot inquiry, Paul Demarty remembers that it was not merely the Blairites who put faith in the benevolence of American power

Zionism and anti-Semitism

05 May 2016

This interview with Israeli communist and Weekly Worker writer Moshé Machover was conducted by the Croatian online publication Slobodni Filozofski

North and south

31 Mar 2016

What is the nature of modern imperialism, asks Michael Roberts, one hundred years after Lenin?

Confusing the question

17 Mar 2016

Tony Greenstein dissects Zionism, Jewish identity and the ‘socialism of fools’

New context, new focus

04 Feb 2016

In the second of three articles, Moshé Machover examines the colonial question in Lenin’s wake(1)

Colonialism and the natives

17 Dec 2015

Moshé Machover begins an examination of the Israel-Palestine conflict by looking back at controversies in the Second International

No more apologies

24 Sep 2015

John McDonnell has made an unprincipled retreat, writes Anne McShane

Lies and smears

17 Sep 2015

Who is the ‘extremist’? asks Amir Parviz Pouyan

Meaningless noise

12 Mar 2015

Workers Power has made a strange new ally. Daniel Harvey reports

Exploitation and illusions about 'anti-imperialism'

22 May 2014

Mike Macnair completes his reply to Ian Donovan